Located only 45 km from Reykjavik, Hveragerði is an ideal base for exploring both the city of Reykjarvik and also all the great sights in the South part of Iceland. Throughout the year, pillars of steam may be seen rising up from the town - and in summer it is truly a green community, abounding in trees. A green revolution is taking place as areas of woodland in and around Hveragerði expand, with the locals working together in order to further develop their blossoming town.

Certainly the most precious gem of the town of Hveragerði is its geothermal area - surely there are not many communities in the world with hot springs literally in their back yard. For safety reasons, the geothermal area is securely fenced off, but may be visited by arrangement with the tourist information centre.

A new hot spring area emerged from the ground in the earthquake that shook Iceland´s southern part on 29th May 2008. It is situated on the hillside rising above the town. Several very active hot springs throw colourful mud and clear water up into the air and are a spectacular sight. Besides the hot springs, Hveragerði has much to offer. Trout and salmon swim in the Varmá river, berries are for the picking on the heath to the west of the town, and the area abounds in excellent walking routes. Not to mention the swimming pool, hot baths, whirlpools, a natural sauna and a fitness center. Also the NLFÍ Health and Rehabilitation Clinic offers opportunities to seek health and happiness.